Parrots, parakeets and songbirds

Many problems with these birds are caused by food. Sometimes due to a one-sided diet and therefore a lack of vitamins or minerals, but other problems can also be the cause. Many common diseases in parrots are; circovirus, polyomavirus, chlamydia and the bornavirus. Cardiovascular or airway problems can also occur.

At Vetocambre we can do various examinations and treatments for your parrot or parakeet, such as; blood test microscopic examination, manure examination, ultrasound examination. If necessary, we can also provide surgical treatment for, for example, tumors or injuries.

Birds that sit alone can have a different problem than birds that sit together. The problems with birds that sit together are often caused by infections. (smallpox infections other viral infections or bacterial or parasitic infections.)

It is recommended not to arrive long after birth for the first general inspection visit, every 2 years thereafter.

If you would like more information or want to make an appointment for your bird, please contact us.