We regularly treat reptiles at our practice. Reptiles can be roughly divided into three groups: the lizard-like species, the snakes and the other reptiles. In these mentioned groups we know many different species and subspecies.

Each species has its own specific care, nutritional and housing needs depending on its natural environment. Many problems with reptiles are caused by housing and food. Sometimes problems arise due to incorrect vitamin supply. But problems can also arise from diseases such as endoparasitosis or cryptospridiosis or from liver disorders or a disturbed metabolism. That is why it is important to do a general examination and to look at the weight, cytological examination, blood analysis, ultrasound examination and X-ray examination.

It is recommended that you do not come with your pet for a general check-up long after birth. After that it can be done annually or every two years. If you have any questions or problems with your reptile, please contact us.