Spaying and neutering


It is between 8 and 16 months of age that your female will be in heat for the first time. If you wish to breed, you can start to mate your female from the third heat or after the completion of two years of age for females of breeds that are not in heat twice a year.

If, on the other hand, you do not wish to have puppies, it is recommended spay your bitch for the following reasons:

  • Your bitch draws the attention of males and her temper changes during the heats. This can cause problems to the owner. Females in heat are generally more fugitive and they have bloody discharges during this period, lasting approximately three weeks.

  • There is a significantly higher probability of developing mammary tumours in non-sterilised bitches.

  • Older non-spayed bitches can also develop metritis. In case of metritis, an urgent surgical intervention is needed. As the female is older and in worse clinical condition, such intervention comprises higher risks.

On the other hand, there are some undesirable side effects that can be caused by this procedure:

  • A decrease of metabolism of a spayed bitch is observed. This is the reason to feeding your dog less than before. It is optimal to give ¾ of the food dose given before intervention.

  • Sometimes after the operation, the urinary incontinence can be observed in females of big breeds. In this case, a medical treatment is prescribed to dispose of this inconvenience. Still, the percentage of cases of incontinence is significantly inferior to the percentage of mammary gland tumours and metritis in case of non-spayed bitches.


There are no medical reasons for neutering, but you can consider this possibility in the following cases:

  • if your dog is aggressive against other males, a typical “macho”.

  • if you have an escaping dog.

  • if you also have a female dog at home.

After neutering, your dog will became calmer, but his temper or character will not change. Because of the presence of residues of testosterone in the body even after removing the testicles, it usually takes one or two weeks to notice that the dog became calmer.

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