Vaccination is the impulse to start your dog’s immune reaction. This immune reaction finally generates antibodies to protect the dog against the pathogens targeted by the concrete vaccine. It is thanks to the vaccines that some diseases are less frequent than before. Nevertheless, the vaccination is of the highest importance in disease control and prevention, because without it, diseases would re-emerge in a very short time.

For puppies, different vaccination protocols are available. The choice depends on the environment in which your puppy is born. For the adult dogs, it is advisable to visit your veterinarian at least once a year to update the vaccination and to do a general clinical check-up at the same time.

Against which diseases can we vaccinate your dog?

Canine distemper

Distemper is one of the most important viral diseases of young dogs. The symptoms of distemper are: fever, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, pneumonia and acute and sever neurological problems. The vaccination is recommended from the age of six weeks of the puppy. For adult dogs yearly re-vaccination is important.

Infectious canine hepatitis

Infectious canine hepatitis can affect dogs of every age but generally, young dogs are the most susceptible for the infection. As its name suggests, this virus attacks the liver and it can cause a severe deregulation of its physiological functions.

Canine parvovirosis

Parvovirosis is a highly contagious disease provoking high fevers, vomiting and haemorrhagic diarrhoea which dehydrates seriously the infected animal. For puppies and immunodeficient animals the disease is often fatal. The vaccination of puppies is recommended from the age of six weeks.


Leptospirosis is a zoonosis (a disease transmissible to humans) caused by the spirochaete bacteria. The principal way of infection is the contact with infected urine of rats or infected dogs. In the beginning the anorexia, apathy and fever are the first clinical signs. Consequently the jaundice, vomiting, diarrhoeas and weight loss is observed.

Kennel caught

Kennel caught is provoked by the combined infection of certain viruses and bacteria. The disease manifest itself by a dry caught sometimes resistant to the antibiotic treatment. 


For the rabies, the vaccination is mandatory before travelling to foreign countries. The measures to be taken depend on your destination. You need to contact us well in advance because some procedures can take, more than 6 months.


Piroplasomosis is a parasitic blood disease causing intra-vascular haemolysis. Because of the large variety and propagation of this infectious agent by the means of vectors, which are ticks, we mostly advice you to protect your dog with the preventive anti-tick treatments instead of vaccinating your dog.

Please feel free to contact us for any complementary information concerning our activities.

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