Dr. John Smets

Graduated from the University of Gent in 2004. After graduation Dr. Smets worked for 5 years in the veterinary practice – de la Couronne with Dr. Bastien. Being very interested in surgery, he has participated in national and international training courses and congresses (AO, ECVS congress). To pursue his education and training, Dr. Smets passed externships under the supervision of the specialized surgeons: Dr. Johan Van Tilburg, Dr. Geert Verhoeven in Antwerpen (ECVS diplomate) and Professor Dominique Griffon in Illinois (ACVS diplomate). In 2008, Dr. Smets cooperated also with Dr. Stefaan Vanhoegarden.

Dr. Smets works as a volunteer for the association Greyhounds in Nood. Twice a year, he performs surgeries for this association in Spain, together with his colleague and friend Dr. Marianne Philippo.


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