Louizalaan 176 - 1000 Brussel


Your rabbit's teeth and molars continue to grow throughout life. The incisors grow 2-2.4 mm per week. With normal teeth, the upper teeth and lower teeth are well on top of each other and the incisors wear neatly on top of each other. Growth and wear are in balance with each other.

When growth and wear of the teeth and molars are not balanced, problems arise. Unfortunately it often happens. Dental problems are one of the most common problems in rabbits.

Symptoms of dental problems are; not being able to eat, cramming food, spitting out food, fluid from eyes and nose due to inflammation, poor fur and condition, diarrhea or blockage and weight loss. If this is the case, your rabbit needs treatment.

The treatment.

The treatment is done under anesthesia. Anesthesia always involves a risk and rabbits are more sensitive than cats and dogs. It is advisable to consult beforehand if your rabbit is not yet known to us. During this consultation you can look at the overall condition of your rabbit. This is important to be able to estimate the risks with regard to treatment and anesthesia.

Anesthesia with a surgical procedure always involves a small risk for the patient. Rabbits are more sensitive to anesthesia than dogs or cats. This is because rabbits are much more sensitive to stress. Vetocambre has an experienced team of veterinarians who have a lot of experience with rabbits. They make every effort to ensure that surgery and anesthesia are as safe as possible. To estimate the risks, it is recommended that you consult your rabbit beforehand. During this consultation, your rabbit will be thoroughly examined. The vet will examine the general health of your rabbit and make a risk assessment for the treatment. During this consultation, the diet, lifestyle and history are also discussed as well as the vaccination schedule explained. (see vaccination)

For an appointment or additional information regarding our services you can always contact us.

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