Louizalaan 176 - 1000 Brussel

External parasites


Fleas can jump very far and easily transfer from animal to animal. They attach to the fur and bite into the skin  to get blood. Your cat will start licking and scratching. This can cause wounds that can get infected. During grooming your cat can ingests fleas, this is a common way of infection with tapeworms. That is why it is always recommended by our veterinarians to treat both tapeworm and fleas. Cleaning the environment is also important as preventive treatment against fleas. For more information aimed at your cat you can always reach us for an appointment.


Ticks bite into the skin of your cat with strong jaws to feed on the blood of your cat. The sucked up blood causes the tick to swell. the tick will let go when it had enough blood. A tick bite is painless and not dangerous, but the tick can transmit diseases that are. Lyme disease is the best known. In case of infection with Lyme disease, a red circle develops around the bite. This is hard to see in a cat. Other symptoms are lymphnode swelling, fever, weakness, kidney problems, behavioral changes and epilepsy. Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics but should be administered as early as possible. You can also treat your cat preventively. You can ask our vets more information or Make your appointment here.

Skin mites

Dermal mites are small parasites, you can not see them with the naked eye. In low numbers some will not cause problems, others can be harmful and cause itching and skin problems. There are different types of mines; scabies mites, ear mites and fur mites. They cause essentially itching and hair loss. If you think your cat has a mites infection, please feel free to make an appointment.

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